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Bit of Energy is a project I started in the spring of 2016. Together with three fellow students we came up with a concept about Sustainability and Education, in order to participate in the Tsinghua-Santander World Challenge, which is a design challenge in Beijing. Our main motivation to come up with a concept for this challenge was that the finalists could go to Beijing for free, to participate in a two week workshop. We never thought we would make it to the finalists, but we did. On the right you can see the video we submitted. In Beijing we developed our concept further (see the second video on the right), and we won the first price.

Now one and a half years later, one person stopped with the project, but with the three of us, we further developed the concept, and started a company around it.

The concept
We have to become more efficient in saving energy to protect our environment. To do so we have to become aware of our personal energy consumption within our households, which will make us feel more responsible for our energy usage.

Current solutions like the smart energy meter do not have the aimed effect. We expect this is caused by 3 factors. The first reason is that energy is an unreliable value, which is difficult to grasp and therefore doesn’t put people into action. Also the energy values provided, only show the overall consumption, which is to general in order to make clear personal plans to save energy. Finally, habitual change becomes more difficult as people become older.

Children have the ability to change their behaviour. When you make them the expert of the energy consumption in the household, the behaviour of the whole family can be adapted.

The children will get Crocky, a tangible power clamp in the form of a crocodile. Crocky comes to life in a digital game. Specific personalised assignment in the game teach the children about energy and their households’ energy use, in order to make them the energy expert. At the same time, they will create a dataset that gives their parent specific insights in the energy consumption of their household appliances. This makes the problem of energy consumption more feasible for the whole family, and encourage them to save energy. We expect that by this process the feeling of responsibility for your personal consumption will increase.

Within the company, my responsibility is the product development, design, technology, finance and agendas for our meetings, check out the Business Report for more information about Bit of Energy.

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