Juul is the concept that I created during my Final Master semester at the faculty of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Currently the world is dealing with an energy transition due to many political, economical en climate issues. is transition entails a switch from mass consumption of fossil fuels towards the consumption of sustainable energy sources instead. In order to create this transition a mentality change needs to happen within our society.

Juul is designed to trigger unaware energy users in making the first steps in the battle towards a 100% sustainable society in 2050. Juul takes you on an expedition through you own house. By putting Juul between a socket and the cable of your device, she will communicate the energy consumption of the device, and your household on location. By collecting your energy consumers, Juul will provide insight in your personal energy profile and guide you in becoming more sustainable.

Juul will be marketed as a free Tigger Tool in order to reach unaware energy users. She will be financed by different possible partners. Are you interested? Go to the report, there you find more elaborate information on the concept.

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Energy Awareness

Charlotte van der Sommen

BSc. Charlotte van der Sommen
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