Hello everyone! I would like to welcome you to my showcase.

My name is Charlotte van der Sommen. I’m a final bachelor student at the faculty of Industrial Design at the Technical University Eindhoven. In this showcase you can read about my development as a designer during my B3.2 semester.

This semester I worked on the project "Local Em(power)ment" in collaboration with the company “Buurkracht”. For this project I came up with the concept: BeB (Buurt en Besparen). To read more about this project or other activities go to "Present".

With the buttons in the top bar of this page you can navigate through my showcase. In ‘Designer’ you will find my vision on design and my identity as designer. In ‘PDP’ you can see the Personal Development Plan that I made for this semester with a refection on the goals I set for myself. You can also find a Personal Development Plan for my upcoming semester in ‘PDP’. At ‘Past’ you can read about my past projects and my overall development during my bachelor. In ‘Present’ you can read about the main goals I set for myself at the beginning of the semester and how I managed to work to these goals by the help of various activities. Finally in ‘Future’ you can read about my plans for after my bachelor and my far future plans are.

Enjoy reading my showcase!
Charlotte van der Sommen
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