Techtonia is the team project I worked on during my first semester of my Master at the faculty of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Techtonia is a board game, that teaches design-based learning in a meaningful and playful way focussing on primary schools education. With Techtonia, students create their own world inside their classroom and work on different problems that occur in this world. To solve these problems, they carry out design-based learning activities.

In those activities, different topics, mainly in the field of nature and technology, are taught by combining engaging physical elements with digital content. For the project we designed lessons around the topic “Wind Energy” as an example for how Techtonia can be used. An assessment tool for teachers was also created, which involves self-reflection for the students carrying out the activities. In order to realise our concept, a business model describes a strategic plan to implement Techtonia in primary schools in the Netherlands.

Within the team I was the team-leader, and responsible for building the concept, the final video and designing the lessons from the child’s perspective. I was able to shape the content of the lessons according to my vision, and make them about the energy, with a focus on sustainable energy.

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